“Cecilia and Betty certainly lived up to their reputation of ‘The Dynamic Sisters’. They complement each other well in terms of personality, the skills and expertise they each bring to their work. Together we found they had endless energy and commitment towards the sale of our apartment, carefully listening to our needs and particular circumstances. We were in the process of moving to Nelson at the time and despite finding it hard to contact us while we were travelling, they pursued important tasks and deadlines on our behalf and remained very patient, yet gently encouraging with their reminders of what was important and needed to be done from our end as well. We appreciated them sitting down with us initially and going through step by step the whole process of marketing/advertising and costs involved, open homes, the legal process , the auction itself and the auctioneer’s role. Cecilia and Betty kept us informed after open homes of buyers’ interests and comments providing us weekly with an updated report. This kept us informed but also assured us it was all going as well as possible and that there were actually buyers interested! At all times Cecilia and Betty were pleasant, positive and encouraging through what can be a stressful process. We felt they worked really hard and diligent on our behalf, leading to a great outcome for all concerned. After a brief but intensive marketing campaign, it was sold for a very satisfying price. We would highly recommend them to others wanting to buy or sell property.”

Terry Swanson and Gillian Taylor

“The dynamic Hii sisters have done it again! What a team these two girls are. They are cracking communicators, bonafide business people and no nonsense negotiators who deliver on their promises without fail, time and time again. This was the second time we had enlisted the help of the Hii’s. The first experience was all it took to hook us. The girls have now become fast friends and they feel like part of the family. So if you’re in the market for a new home, or want your home appraised for sale, talk to the Hiis. They will not let you down”

Jason and Stella Hallam

“Cecilia and Betty has been exceptional. They gone the extra mile in helping me sell my property. Not only are they professional but they are truely empathetic toward my situation and had put my priorities first. They have advised and done what was best for me. I could not be thankful enough to have Cecilia and Betty help me out. I had full confidence and trust with this team and they have not let me down. They definitely set the highest standards.”

Emily Lo

“Amazing Effort and Professionalism! Cecilia and Betty helped us to sell our home in a difficult market, gave us the best strategy, and put their heart and soul into marketing and preparing for Auction and negotiating with potential buyers. Our house was sold at a price and also to a buyer that we are very happy with. We are very thankful for their spirit of really trying their absolute best to help us. I’ll recommend them to anyone.”

Aaron Sim and Chloe Tai

“Professional agents who achieved results! I am extremely delighted with the result that Cecilia and Betty have achieved in selling my house. Hii Sisters set themselves apart from other agents with their market knowledge, professionalism in the sale process, integrity and most importantly they really care about individuals. Their diligence and excellent negotiation skills make a big difference to create a strategy that get my house sold at the price well above CV prior to Auction, even in this tough market. I have used Hii Sisters’ services twice for both buying and selling and has no regrets!”

Khine Thida

“Fantastic agents and I highly recommend Cecilia and Betty who are absolutely AMAZING! They made the selling process so easy and helped me understand what was happening every step of the way. I was well taken care of. I felt like I was working with our best friend rather than a real estate agent. If I need to sell my current home, I know exactly who to call. Thank you so much Cecilia and Betty.”

Tanya Tan

“Simply Superb. Looking for a house is both exciting and stressful, searching for the one that meets at least your preferences and that ticks your budget. Cecillia made it easier for us. She has well dept of market knowledge and very professional. She is very helpful and communicates efficiently. She responds to every queries with no delay and explained it very well. She and Betty are both very approacheable. As first home buyer, we had so many questions and they’ve guided us through all those. We feel we had found new friends in them, they’ve looked after us during the whole process, and still replies back on our queries after the purchase.”

Irene and Phillip Estebar

“A well organized campaign. Cecilia and Betty delivered an excellent marketing programme with good strategy. Their communication was consistent and motivating. They reviewed and adjusted the strategy weekly and kept us well informed of any changes and this helped us to understand how the market was behaving and how best to create success. Previous successful campaigns with the Hii sisters led us to use them again and we have been delighted to engage with their friendly professionalism this year.”

Dorian Scott and Carol Scott-Dye


“Highly Recommend! We can’t thank Cecilia and Betty enough for helping us buy our first home! They were so professional throughout the process and just lovely people! We were extremely nervous attending the Auction, but Cecilia guided us through every step, ensuring we understood what was happening and was so professional and patient with us. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you, and we are both extremely grateful! We highly recommend Cecilia and Betty! Thank you”

Sophie Calver and George Winn

“An Absolute Star! We can’t be thankful and feeling blessed enough to have chosen Cecilia and Betty Hii to sell our house that was sentimental to us. From the first meeting until putting a sold sticker onto the billboard, the whole experience has been phenomenal. These two are a gen! You can totally trust them, be it their professionalism, market knowledge, integrity, quality, communication, the list goes on! There were hurdles along the way in the current market as a seller, BUT they nailed it! By perseverance, resilient, going far and beyond, most importantly, for the best interest of us. We are far beyond thankful for having them selling our house. Hand on heart, they are worth every cent and time!”

Daphne Nguang and Jengyeong Yong

“Success with a smile. We had a great experience dealing with Cecilia and Betty. From the first open home we felt comfortable, they were honest about the property and very cheerful right the way through. Always happy to meet us anytime and always available and thorough in answering any questions. Very successful in getting our purchase though in the little time we had. Much appreciated and an overall pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!”

Maddison & Zoe Hargreaves and Jayden Whiteford

“Fantastic! We would like to sincerely thank you both for all your hard. Your expertise was very evident and in the number of bidders present at the Auction and how hard you’ve worked with open homes buyers. We are very grateful to have had you on our side and I am very glad I have chosen you both as our agents and trusted your recommendations and advice. Thank you again for an outstanding job and a really great outcome for us.”

Piaoping Wang and Yue Liu

“Cecilia and Betty Hii, our agents were terrific. They are thorough, professional and always responsive.”

Barry and Lynda Cassidy

“Cecilia and Betty exemplify that rarest of professional teams. They are business people with heart. They truly care about you, your property and finding the best match. Even in a booming market, you need to make magic happen if you wish to realise the true value of your property. We were pleased that sisters and business partners, Cecilia and Betty Hii, “The Dynamic Duo”, negotiated family sensitivities with tact and humour, advised about how to dress an older property, were punctual, delivered constructive feedback, kept their promises, qualified potential purchasers and stuck to the marketing contract we agreed. All that assured that Cecilia and Betty were experienced, honest and solution-focused professionals. But what really blew us away was how they made magic happen on the night our treasured 50 year-old family home went to auction. They truly delivered a result that put a smile on our faces. If you want to make magic happen, then talk to Cecilia & Betty Hii.”

Richard and Rose Margesson

“Cecilia and Betty impressed us with their professionalism and understanding of the current market, their obvious passion and enthusiasm for selling real estate and their clear determination to deliver first class service to their clients. Cecilia and Betty are two outstanding professionals. Being based in Taranaki we were totally reliant on our agents to handle all aspects of marketing the house effectively for us. This included looking after our tenants, organising open homes with the tenants support and making our house look like the real estate opportunity of the year. We were very impressed with the marketing campaign presented to us. Over the four week campaign Cecilia and Betty kept us completely up to date with what was happening, providing clear communication and sound advice. Auctions can be a nerve wracking and stressful experience but ours was managed professionally and smoothly, and ultimately gave us the excellent outcome we were aiming for.

Ashbi Unahi & Kerry Macdonald

“Agents are a reflection of the values of the parent organisation. Who better to re-enforce and enhance the reputation of Harcourts than the Dynamic Hii Sisters. Cecilia and Betty are second to none in regards to their professionalism, ethical behaviour and their rapport building personalities. The service we received from Cecilia and Betty throughout our campaign far exceeded our expectations. To say that we would recommend Cecilia and Betty would be an understatement. They are truly dynamic, they know their stuff, they are appropriately educated, they work hard, leaving no stone unturned and ultimately, they are the kind of people you can trust whole-heartedly with your most valuable asset. The courtesy with which we were treated, the no nonsense pep talks and their nerve-calming sincerity and confidence justified our decision to fly Hii. We no longer consider Cecilia and Betty to be just our Harcourts agents but our only agents and our friends. These girls really do standout from the crowd.

Stella & Jason Hallam

“Let me start by saying that I do not normally write references for people, however, with Betty and Cecilia, their performance was so exceptional that I feel passionate about recommending them to others. Cecilia’s strength is strategy and achieving goals, where Betty’s strengths include financial and legal details. The two complement each other to provide an overall balance which could not otherwise be found with a solo agent. They speak a multitude of languages, but Betty and Cecilia also understand the culture behind foreign buyers. This allows them to work with these buyers to ensure that they achieve the best possible results possible. This is often underestimated and proved to be a critical part of our success. With years of experience comes knowledge of the intricate matters with contracts, negotiations and other such specialist information. Betty and Cecilia are clearly focused on staying ahead of their trades and demonstrated an excellent knowledge of specialist real estate matters. That means they can predict and assist with resolving such matters that you may not be otherwise aware of. They were totally driven to achieve the absolute best for us. It is not a single thing that makes a service exceptional, but a combination of a lot of different factors. We have tried to detail a few things that we noticed, however it is hard to encompass the service without knowing the intricate details of the trade first hand. But then, results speak louder than anything else and our result was what I understand to be record price for our area. The impact that this will have in our lives will flow on for years to come. We are so thankful. We have no hesitation in recommending Betty and Cecilia to you and your family.

Rob and Benita Honeybone

“Back when we bought our first home, we were very impressed with Cecilia and Betty’s professionalism and dedication. Five years later, nothing has changed! We liked how they listened to our thoughts and both worked hard on our auction campaign with successful marketing strategies. During the campaign, they provided us with detailed feedback and we were kept in the loop with what’s happening. We have found the sisters to be very easy to deal with, as they are professional with the way they conduct the sale of our house and the added humour from them made it easier. We are extremely grateful to the Hii Sisters for everything. We thank you for your honesty, diligence and dedication in selling and helping us buy our new home.”

Siu Ling and Jason Goo

“We would like to say a big “thank you” to Cecilia and Betty for all the hard work they have done on selling our house. We always feel lucky that we found the Hii Sisters. If we can only use one word to summarise the Hii Sisters’ performance, it is “professional”. They have combined knowledge about housing market and skills of selling. Growing up in New Zealand with their Asian background, they also have the essential skill to communicate with customers with multiple ethnic backgrounds. Having experienced multiple other agents, we can honestly say we would never recommend anyone else other than Cecilia and Betty to anyone selling a house. Such is the way we think their reputation must be growing, we can foresee a very long wait for their services – others just can’t hold a candle to them.”

Feng and Mike Goldthrope

“The Hii Sisters, weave a remarkable double act that I found maximised our success in marketing and auctioning our family property for sale. They clearly enjoy the challenges of their job. They like to share a little humour and fun on the way, while keeping their focus on your property sale realistic and manageable. Cecilia and Betty exhibit professional integrity in all aspects of their role. Cecilia’s marketing background and Betty’s Chartered Accounting experiences provide the, with a wide range of expertise to draw from. I found them to be dedicated, diligent and doggedly hard working. Managing the sale of a deceased estate can present with mixed emotions for families and sales agents. The Hii Sisters have demonstrated in our situation that they are well equipped to meet these challenges, in professional and caring way. I feel lucky to have been able to work with Cecilia and Betty in our family property sale campaign and we strongly recommend them to others who are looking for real estate success.”

Carol Scott-Dye

“Our lovely real estate sisters Cecilia and Betty Hii who worked tirelessly throughout the four weeks pior to auction with so much valuable feedback, warmth and good humour. We would highly recommend Cecilia and Betty to anyone contemplating selling their home. They made the whole process professional, honest, well organised and fun. They truly do standout as “Real Estate Supermos”. Thank you for selling our home.”

Maurice and Barbara Cooper

“This letter is to recommend Cecilia and Betty to all and any person wishing to have their home sold by what I would call the best in the business. If there was ever a person who previously had nothing but deep suspicion and a lack of trust of real estate agents it would be me. I have bought and sold many homes over the years and at the end of each sale I have been left with more bitter and filled with resentment and mistrust in the industry. For me this has now all changed, Cecilia and Betty demonstrated honesty of process and integrity of information throughout the sale of our property. They achieved what can only be described as staggering numbers through open homes while properties mere meters away were getting nil results. Their marketing strategy achieved numbers while ultimately achieved a sale at a price we considered excellent for the market. Cecilia and Betty connect to both the property and their clients and then work on their marketing strategies and outcomes. When we are ready to buy again we will only be dealing with Cecilia and Betty knowing that the integrity and honesty will work both ways.

Barry O’dwyer

“My husband and I have now had the pleasure of both a purchase and a sale courtesy of Cecilia and Betty Hii. After buying our home in 2006 and experiencing their informative, courteous and very friendly assistance we never forgot the exceptional service they offered us. And when, less than two years later, a job transfer meant we needed to list and sell our much loved home rather unexpectedly, these professional ladies were top of mind. Cecilia and Betty took their time with us, gave us a number of sale strategies to choose from and explained the Pro’s and Con’s of each at length. We were once again impressed with their knowledge of the industry and their sales and marketing experience. After just four weeks on the market our house was sold! Needless to say, Rob and I are absolutely thrilled with Cecilia and Betty’s efforts and the wonderful result. The thing that sets these two apart from other agents is their rate combination of personality and exceptional business acumen. After buying and selling a couple of homes we thought we knew our stuff. We didn’t hold a candle with these two. Our only disappointment is that we are unlikely to find such good sales agents in our new city! Well ladies, thank you both for everything you’ve done, for the chats, the hugs, the reassurances. You will be missed but not forgotten.

Michelle and Rob Parker

“We would like to take this opportunity of thanking you (Cecilia and Betty) for your tenacity in sticking to the strategy and never giving up on our cause. Your professional approach coupled with your wealth of experience, proven success in both the buying and selling housing market and the nature in which you engage with the clients and indeed us, is testament to the success that has prevailed in our case. Your warm personality and the relationship that has endured since the campaign began will be held dear to ourselves and we would not hesitate to utilise your services in the future, should we find ourselves in a similar situation.

Marc, Daile & Baby Jarred Ferguson

“We are delighted with the results that Ceciilia and Betty have achieved and the way the sales process was handled. Cecilia and Betty both recognised the advantages of our home and used their impressive skill levels to market and present the product to achieve the best result possible in what is thought to be an easing market place. They are able to ‘think outside the square’ and have developed a marketing approach that clearly works. These two fun loving, hard working sisters were also a pleasure to deal with. Throughout the campaign they kept us well informed and provided excellent advice to keep us focused on the job. It was a big relief and simply great to have these two dynamic minds so committed to our project. We are totally convinced that in choosing the Dynamic Duo we selected the very best agents to market out property.

Michele and John Walker

“Having never sold a house before, we approached a small number of agents. It was at this point that we met Cecilia and Betty Hii. They came prepared with both formal and informal information, and outlined what they could do for us. Their professional, honest and friendly approach made them stand out from other potential agents who had offered their services, and it was without hesitation that we signed with them on the spot. There are no secrets to success in selling real estate. The basic rule of clever marketing, well-placed advertisements and the good follow-up to potential purchasers are paramount. However, nothing was possible without the dedication, hard work advice of those who work on your behalf. Cecilia and Betty worked tirelessly during our campaign, provided honest feedback on their progress, and sound advice when needed. In fact, their presence in our daily lives became so welcome that we do not only began to look forward to their visits, we are somewhat dismayed once our home was sold in that we no longer share their company to the same extent again. Even today our two year old son Jack asks when Cecilia and Betty are coming next. Selling a home is without a doubt one of the more stressful events in life. The result achieved by Cecilia and Betty in the selling of our home has been significant for us, and will no doubt have considerable financial implications for us later in our lives. For this we will be forever grateful to Cecilia and Betty Hii.

Andrew, Angela and Jack Law

“I have just got off the phone from Tania Dean, the vendor of an auction that Betty and Cecilia had over the weekend. She rang me to specifically tell me just how great they were, what a superb job they did and just how thrilled she was with the result. They clearly did a wonderful job, doing all those extra’s that made all the difference for their clients. It’s great to get this sort of feedback and it’s a real credit to both Betty and Cecilia. Congratulations!

Mike Green, Managing Director of Harcourts International

“Thank you for your tenacity and professionalism in selling our home. Our first contact with you was the reason we choose you two to sell our family home. The initial marketing package was impressive to say the least and it outlined exactly what you would do to sell our home. More importantly you kept your word and did what you said you would plus more. And you listened to what we wanted and respected our wishes. In addition, you kept us informed every step of the way. The passion you both have for property is seldom seen in your industry and you should be congratulated.

Steve and Joanne McGowan

“We have been very impressed by the level of service provided during the promotion of our property. The choice of agents was an important decision as we very conscious of the impact this would have on the eventual sale and sale price. Cecilia and Betty provided exceptional service maintaining close contact with the interested parties. They worked hard and consistently in keeping communications open with prospective range of buyers. We appreciated their tenacity and industry as, at the day of auction, the investment was to prove valuable. Cecilia and Betty kept us, the vendors, well informed of the developments and the feedback from open homes. This gave us confidence in their ability and enabled us to make decisions throughout the campaign in support our property. They actively sought our opinion and made themselves available to pursue matters we deemed necessary to the promotion of our property. The cumulative effect of the campaign, communication and strong professional relationship between us and our property agents enabled a strong campaign. We were impressed by the value we received for the property. We have no hesitation in recommending Cecilia and Betty Hii as property agents. We entrusted them with the sale of our most valuable asset and have no regrets.

Simon Lamb

“Cecilia and Betty provided us with a comprehensive and confident presentation on how to best promote our home to maximise returns. Hii sisters came out with “the match winner” by sell of Auction marketing campaign for our home. We took all their recommendations and advice on board. Full credit to Hii sisters, as in such a short period of time, their recommended marketing campaign has generated really good interests, created buyers urgency and competition. We certainly got a lot more money from their auction campaign than we expected and the marketing investment certainly paid off. We are overjoyed by the results and truly over the moon to get more money from Cecilia and Betty’s advice to Auction our home. The Hii sisters’ level of service, their professionalism and reputation, we have to say scored 10/10. The level of hard work that they have put into selling our home is second to none with all the ‘never-ending’ nights of meetings, all the follow up calls and their full commitments. Well done to the both of you. We will definitely recommend both Cecilia and Betty Hii to anyone who wants to successfully sell their home and experience a service that is second to none.

Angela and Leong Tiong

“To the Dynamic Hii Sisters, Thank you so much for selling my property. What can I say but ‘professional’, ‘professional’, ‘professional’. From start to finish it was a pleasure to work with you on the sale. You clearly laid out the options for the marketing plan and showed why your recommended plan was the best for my property. It really did feel like we were working together. Your updates were always clearly laid out and it was incredible the way you often produced t he answers to the questions or concerns I was thinking but hadn’t asked yet! You really do work for the client and the proactive way you handle a sale is a testament to that. This is what a house sale should be like! I’ve bought and sold before but this is by far the best experience I’ve had. It can be very stressful selling but you always calmed the situation, stuck to the facts with a positive outlook while still communicating any change in expectation. You went above and beyond often throughout the campaign. I was very busy throughout the sale but it never phased you and when we needed things auctioned quickly you made it happen. In the end you delivered on what you said and were still helping out with arrangements right to the end so the short completion would happen smoothly. I would recommend you to anyone selling. You commitment is 100%. You quickly established trust and your management is exceptional. It must be said, no one really likes paying “the agent” but you deserved it, you worked for it and sold in the timeliness we agreed. Fantastic job!

John Quin

“Cecilia and Betty delivered and delivered well. They were always professional in their presentation and customer sensitivity. Where necessary, they kindly offered sound guidance which was never prejudiced or without justification. Cecilia and Betty are passionate about what they do and have the personalities to keep on the job and see it through. When we were selling our property through them, we received regular and detailed written reports complemented with phone calls and text messages when required. They made themselves available through the stressful times and for this we are truly grateful. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in engaging Cecilia and Betty on any future property ventures and are happy to recommend this team without reservation to anyone looking to sell or buy a property.

Christine and Cliff Stone

“When we made the decision to sell our home of 14 years we knew it was important to find the right agent to market it. We were impressed with Cecilia and Betty’s professional qualifications, attention to detail and communication skills. Initially, we were hesitant about auctioning our home but after discussions with Cecilia and Betty we were assured of the advantages of using the auction process. Also their skills and confidence in marketing themselves to us proved their ability and professionalism. Throughout the whole campaign Cecilia and Betty were very well organised, always approachable, very determined with buyer follow up and honest and open with feedback. Their marketing skills ensured that we had fantastic turnouts at open homes and at the auction with multiple registered bidders. We are very happy with the result of our campaign and with the successful auction and have no hesitation in recommending Cecilia and Betty to other prospective vendors.

Jan Knoester and Sue Toppin

“I am writing to you (Cecilia and Betty Hii) to tell you how much we appreciate your hard work and professional approach to real estate as demonstrated during the negotiations on the property at Onewa Road. We were impressed with your negotiating skills and the manner in which you conduct the business of securing the sale and your friendly, open communications with us during the whole process. Thank you for finding the buyer for our listing and we look forward to working with you again.

Jenny Banks, Manager of Ray White Real Estate

“As first time home sellers we were nervous about the selling process and the very important choice we had to make. Cecilia and Betty talked us through each aspect of the four week campaign and answered any questions we had. We appreciated the feedback Cecilia and Betty provided in the lead up to the sale. Communication was great through the whole four weeks and we always knew who had come through the open homes and their feedback. As part of our house was tenanted we felt that this could complicate the process somewhat. Our instructions were to treat the tenant with care and respect, while still ensuring we were getting the best result from our campaign. We felt both Cecilia and Betty handled this extremely well. Our tenant commented on Cecilia and Betty’s manner with dealing with her and it was most appreciated by both parties.

Colin and Nikki Gardyne

“Cecilia and Betty are so professional and advised me thoroughly of the marketing plans and strategy. They have been very honest. They had briefed and updated me about every detail of the marketing plan and campaign. I was always kept up to date about the marketing campaign. They are also able to secure the cooperation from the tenants. What a marvellous job they had performed. If a seller wants no stress, I fully recommend them as “the best sales agents”. Throughout the process, I only “sat and relax” and had no stress about selling my house. They are reliable, trustworthy and honest. They will work to get the best selling price you ever dream of.

Angie Ng

“Cecilia and Betty’s multi-lingual ability empowered them with the unprecedented advantage in engaging potential buyers from various races and ethnic groups which was highly appreciated. This was proven on the auction night by the myriad of ethnicities present. The dedication, commitment and hard work that were put into the marketing process were evident in the incredible successfulness of the auction. Everyone was awed by the final result and applauded as if the All Blacks had just won the Rugby World Cup.”

Lee Chii and Chin Ching

Cecilia and Betty recently sold our property located in Auckland. The property had the added complexity of being tenanted. Cecilia and Betty successfully negotiated with the tenants during the sale process to ensure smooth and flexible marketing of the property, which ensured a successful outcome for us at the auction. As we live in Australia and could not be on hand to discuss the marketing and progress of the sale face to face, good proactive communication was important to us. Cecilia and Betty communicated regularly with us on the phone and by email, keeping us informed on progress as the property was being viewed and sold. Cecilia and Betty have a high level of professionalism, attention to detail and excellence in selling real estate. They understand the market and what he buyers are looking for. They are easy to deal with and have a great sense of humour, making the sale process more pleasant. We write this reference as they have exceeded our expectations and have delighted us with their customer service and successful sale of our family home. We would be more than happy to provide a verbal reference.”

John and Miranda Turner

“We asked Betty and Cecilia to market our house having seen them at an open home we visited several years before. We were extremely impressed then with their professionalism and energy and felt they were the right people to sell our home. We were right. They worked tirelessly and pursued every possible opportunity and at all times we were kept well informed of the progress. They have a tremendous work ethic and left no stone unturned in getting our house sold. We also appreciated the way they took the time to get to know us and our family. They started off as our real estate agents and along the way they became our trusted friends. Based on our experience, we can recommend Cecilia and Betty without any reservation.”

Phil and Jo Angove

“We approached 3 agents to appraise our property and decided to engage Cecilia and Betty on the personal recommendation of friends who have used their services in the past and also on the fact that Cecilia and Betty were extremely approachable, trustworthy, enthusiastic and professional in their marketing pitch to us. Those traits certainly continued throughout our dealings with them. Being out of town vendors, Cecilia and Betty’s local knowledge of the market and marketing expertise were invaluable to us. They kept us very well informed throughout the marketing campaign. On auction day, which can obviously be a stressful time, Cecilia and Betty did a great job sounding out bidders and keeping us appraised on the situation.”

Megan and Devlin Lee-Joe

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